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Good design, good material; way too small.
5'11" - Athletic Build - 175lbs . Bought a Small and it fits perfectly. Made in Haiti version. Sturdy Shirt, roomy sleeves
Very nice but gets the material is a dust magnet
I was skeptical at first; I thought for the price of around $13.00 I'll give it a try. I've been loosing weight and had to make a hole between the holes in my belts that didn't look right and did not always work.
I decided to take a chance on this adjustable belt. I really like it and it works well. I've only had it for a few weeks now but seems to do what is advertised.
I tell ya what. These are some great socks.
A little too much stretch for me.
Smaller than I thought by still nice.
Poor quality. As thin as paper. disappointed. I am sure there will be a hole in front of the sock within a couple of weeks if you are a active person. I will not recommend it to other people.Those good reviews on do not represent real quality which is changing every year, season, or week.
These are made for children or small adults. Does not fit the head of a mature adult male and it won't expand to fit. it will smash your nose and ears.
Nice hat
It smells like they spray painted it black. STRONG odor
Cute! Love 'em! Blocks the glare.
This shirt is obviously a second totally mid manufactured.
Every two years its time to replace my wallet and this was a good choice, exactly what I was looking for in a wallet.
Its of good quality and very comfortable
One of the best all around light pair of good fitting sunglasses on the market. Living in Florida where the UV rays are intense and fishing a lot on the water the optics on these sunglasses are amazing. Even looking through my hunting scope on my rifles on a bright day works fine. The aviator shape is perfect for blocking those annoying side leaks of light that happen on many other styles. Over all brightness reduction without loss of detail or clarity is excellent and good water penetration for fishing on bright sunny days.
Good size, love the three separate areas. Will buy more in other colors. Only concern is the logo gets stuck on things like a shawl and afraid it might pull off one time.
Nice feel. Band makes it look less sophisticated, but does the job.
Love the look of this bag but sadly it did not hold up. First the zipper broke which I lived with but then the shoulder strap broke. Very disappointed in it.
I purchased the olive green color. First washing, the metal buttons left about 10 circular discolorations on the fabric as if bleached; the buttons on sleeves and epaulets now have bluish-green corrosion similar to patina on bronze or copper. There's no oxidation on the pocket and placket buttons. Shirt sat for maybe a few hours after wash cycle finished. If you're washing this shirt. don't let the wet garment sit in machine, and maybe avoid using Oxiclean or detergents with Oxiclean. I recommend the manufacturer replace these metal buttons with khaki green plastic ones, or a more corrosion resistant metal. Notes: (1) washed using Arm & Hammer with OxiClean (possibly causing the corrosion); (2) have not seen this problem with other garments with metal buttons; (3) water is not corrosive or acidic.
Yes, very happy and satisfied so far. Like all of the zipper pockets, Etc.
It was okay. Too small for my needs and less than a month after getting it the strap broke. I'll probably end up giving it to my niece to play with.
Works very well for all items I need to use daily without that lump in my back side while driving or setting
Excellent product for hanging your holsters on your side. Easy to adjust,and lock in place.
My husband likes it; it fits as expected; he's happy to have another sweatshirt to wear.
I ordered two - one black, one brown - as I pondered which
of the two I liked the best FOR ME, my son made that decision
moot by taking one for himself - he took the black which left
me not having to decide which of the two very nice wallets to
pick from. Ah, youths of today.
Best sock out there. Too expensive for a sock, in my personal opinion.
I decided to give these a try and they are wonderful or me! They stay only slightly tinted whenever you are not in any direct sunlight and at night. I have a car with LED lights, and I have to drive with my fog lights on so I don't get high-beamed by other cars. I get it, my car's lights are a bit bright, but I promise it is only the low beams. I now only get high-beamed occasionally, but I see other cars (especially at night) with way brighter lights than myself and the occasional person who drives with their high beams and don't care.

I like these for night driving, as the polarized glasses cut back the glare from oncoming cars. They fit comfortable and come with a case and rag for cleaning them. They darken fairly quickly when you are in the sun, as you can see with the photo I am including. The only thing that I had to get used to was seeing either side of the frames where the joints are in my peripheral vision all the time. It isn't a deal breaker for me, as I got used to it and I don't eve notice it, but others should know about it, as it is like wearing a helmet, as you can see the little joint on either side and see it move as you move your head from side to side, ha! That is just a minor thing for me, as these are comfortable to me and the arms (legs, whatever) of the glasses do allow for over extending for those with bigger heads, like me. The nose guards for the rest are made of a rubbery material, but they are comfortable to me.égulante