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Beautiful piece
I absolutly love these jeans. I have scoured my city trying on so many pants. I am quite thin and tge only pants that woukd fit are skin tight stretchy things that i hate. These jeans are the kind that i wore 20 years ago. I'm cold blooded and can wear my long johns underneath. The waist is at a normal heighth tgank goodness. Not those hip hugger things that feel like they are falling down. After wearing the first pair i bought four more. I have finaly found something to fit me!
It looks beter than í thougt. Í am very happy with this walker.
Very nice. Perfect size
Comfortable to wear, I like my belt tight, you can get this belt tight on around your waist unlike a belt with holes
I bought the bamboo ones and they are very comfortable and have held up well after a few months.
The key feature to these shorts, which I totally overlooked when I bought them, is the cell phone pocket. These are the only pants I have (long or short) that make carrying a phone comfortable. It's not bouncing around in a loose front pocket when you walk, and it keeps the phone in a comfortable spot while seated. "Perfect Short" might not be that much of a stretch here!
Very nice
I bought them large and it felt xtra large
Very beautiful piece.
Very good quality and fit
My daughter loves them but the quality is not good. After 3-4 washes I have to trash them.
Gift for friend with 8.5 shoe. Medium socks
This is no where near the heavy duty quality of their canvas shirts. They look nice but aren’t as durable as a work shirt. That’s what I buy them for. I have been buying them for years and now they change. Not happy.
runs a little big but good quality and comfortable. would buy again.
Se dañó
The buckle will pull off in about a week. They run small. Don't bother.
Perfect for carrying my school notebooks and 17" MacBook
Real authentic durable grade leather! I'm impressed about the excellent quality for the great price!
no pockets? they did not say that
Reviewed earlier.
Husband at first said they were tight around the leg. But now after a couple of wears he is very pleased with the fit and support. Yes I recommend.
Love it
Used for trousers? This belt is one of two I have and so far it's been great, easy to size and use.
Very comfy shirt for a fat guy like me.
bought as a gift for a friend. He told me they are his favorite shorts of all time
The worst pair of garbage I have a board
There great
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