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No issues. Quality shirts that fit well.
My daughter LOVED this. It comes in a such a cute case and looks "fancy". The necklace doesn't look cheap or fake. My daughter hasn't taken it off since she got it for her 6th birthday.
A mi esposo le quedaron exactas, justo su medida. Buena calidad.
Great quality
Great necklace for my daughter for her Halloween costume.
Very happy
Gave as a gift and the person loves it. Was exactly what he wanted.
Like wearing an ACE Bandage around your waist and groin. The material is rough and too tight. I wear a medium, but bought large size, and it's still too small. Made in Vietnam, so it's no wonder. Too hot for warmer weather.
Beautiful purse good quality. Love it!
This is a great, small wallet. It will fit in your pocket and a small crossbody bag which is why I purchased it. It does have a small coin area but it holds enough for it being so small. It holds three cards on each side when open. Would buy again.
Very pretty design but poor poor zipper quality. The zipper is starting to give way in more than 1 place and I am SO disappointed in this poor quality product. I wanted to buy several to gift but now I will steer clear.
The Dockers suspenders were of exceptional quality. The clips have circular-plastic inserts with teeth that provide extra grip on the waistband. The metal clips themselves are made from a more durable metal that does not deform like some of the other brands.
Wears frequently
I originally found these necklaces after drooling over a few from baublebar... decided to gamble and get these: 10 for 1/4 the price of ONE from baublebar. I honestly just glanced through these styles and saw one or two that I liked, and figured there would be a couple that I wouldnt ever wear. I was wrong!! These are all adorable and great quality. You could easily pay $10 a piece in a department store, even more for some of them. They came individually packaged in a way they couldnt tangle with themselves. Love!! I might order some as gifts!
My husband loves these shirts so much he had me buy two more. Good fit! He has very broad shoulders and his shirts are usually way too big around the waist area in order to fit his shoulders/chest/back. These are slightly tapered at the bottom which helps to keep it from looking sloppy and super baggy. He wears them tucked in and likes that there's not a lot of extra fabric to tuck.
Perfect fit and very comfortable
Sexy undies. Great fit and qualit.
Really good glasses!.
I have really enjoyed these glasses they fit perfect
There is no down-side to this purchase. The pants fit, look good enough to be seen if someone drops by unexpectedly, are so comfortable my husband declares them some of the most comfortable he has ever owned. The price was right and the shipped as promised. Altogether, a good buy and we would buy again.
Great gift for granddaughter who goes to disney a lot and just had her ears pierced.
I purchased these specifically for a trip to Europe given the reviews on comfort and stink resistance given I wanted to only take 2 pairs of socks. I used these socks for 8 out of 12 days without washing, walked 80+ miles, ran 6 miles, and biked 20+ miles, and to begin the trip was in them for 20 hours straight on a travel day. And I finally got them to stink a little bit on the last day after having dried out for 8 hours......... incredible. Worth every penny.
My son loves to wear these under his dress shirts for work. They help keep him cooler working in a face pages and warm restaurant.
Cute as could be!
I like the brightness of the purple. I also like the fit. Very relaxed.
Love the purse and it's color but the zipper has rubbed/ruined a couple shirts. The teeth have frayed the shirts by rubbing (side hanging purse). The zipper stopper is also sharp and cut my finger - pretty badly.
These socks are very comfortable and not too tight like many ankle socks.
excellent 100% recommended